Falling Together

Cindy Slee Music

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Cindy Slee’s new album, “Falling Together,” explores themes common to all human beings at one point or another in life. The musicianship is terrific, provided entirely by local talents. Devil Come Knockin’ is a toe-tapper that brings Charlie Daniels to mind. Really fine fiddle work creates a sense of urgency on this song about temptation and the difficulty of resisting our own worst impulses. Deep within human existence is the need to understand where we have been and where we are going. This is the major premise of Between Burial and Birth. This contemplation set to music explores how consuming love can bring us to our knees, sometimes becoming a barrier to finding our way. Mama Warned Me is a spunky 12-bar blues worth dancing to. But don’t leave the dance floor too soon…there’s a fine surprise at the end … Jimi Hendrix reincarnated to provide a false ending. Keep on boot scootin’. I Believe reminds us that even though life sometimes confronts us with difficult experiences, hope and faith keep us moving towards a future that doesn’t have to mirror those realities. Life sometimes throws us curve balls, now doubt. My Rock, My Love depicts the strength of a loving relationship even through the hard times. Finally, Pour Me a Whiskey is the slow lament of love gone terribly wrong and the search for a way to ease the pain when no answers are to be found.

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