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Mama Cass On The Radio

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determined, decisive, change dreamy, fearless, hopeful, travel,
Copyright and masters owned by Cynthia L. Slee, BMI
Admin. publishing: CDBaby Publishing


I spent one too many Sunday's in this God forsaken town/ there's nothing left here and winter's got me down/ Gonna pack my bags and leave this place/ tomorrow I'll be gone/ you can't shake my faith / it's time to move along /
i'm past the point of turning back and no good at good-byes/ there's nothing left to say / this bird she has to fly / Headin' west on eighty ninety / I'm gonna leave this all behind/ the sun is calling me / and I'm losing precious time//Chorus: Mama Cass on the Radio's got me California dreaming/ Hear the sound of the crashing waves / such a peaceful feeling / I'm California Dreaming //
with very passing mile, with every stranger's smile/ I can feel change coming my way / ooh change coming my way.

By this time come Friday I could be in Monterey / strolling Can'ry row / watch the sunset on the bay./ So don't be sad I'm leaving down this long and winding road / wipe away your tears / big boys just don't cry. // chorus //